Tenants and Myths of Green Building

Fundamental Tenants of Green Building

  1. Build smartly utilizing the latest advances in building science
  2. Increase energy efficiency and energy conservation in the construction process and life cycle of the home # Use materials, products, and systems have a long life cycle -durability or come from rapidly renewable materials (bamboo)
  3. Reduce - build smaller, reduce waste and reuse (remodel vs. build new), recycle and salvage where possible
  4. Minimize the use of products that are energy intensive to produce or are harmful to our environment and our health
  5. Be reasonable - do what you can, what you feel strongly about and what you can afford - every bit helps

Myths about Green Building

  1. It costs too much - some things cost more, some cost less, in general it does cost a little more but isn't it worth it?
  2. It's too hard - it takes a plan but it is doable
  3. You can't find the products - We have! # Contractors won't do it - We will!
  4. You don't have to try to be 100% Green (which is probably impossible) to make a difference

Green changes in the building industry in last 20 years

  1. Low U value windows are twice as energy efficient as in the 80's
  2. Energy Star appliances and lighting
  3. Heating systems - 85% efficiency or better
  4. More insulation - the more the better
  5. Tighter building envelopes
  6. Water conserving fixtures
  7. Code requirements for building envelope, insulation, venting, natural lighting
  8. Engineered lumber
  9. Composite products - decking and railings, exterior trim, siding
  10. Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
  11. Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)


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